Saturn-Lilith Stranger Things: Nov 5-9 Weekly Astrocast

Saturn-Lilith or rather “Stranger Things”, is upon us. Authority...

nebulous solidity

Nebulous Solidity – Astro Cast Week of Oct 2

Nebulous Solidity. Drawn to float and drift. Yet, a sense of urgency and...

eclipse aftermath

Eclipse Aftermath – Actual Picture of you Post Eclipse

It might feel difficult to bring anything into tangible reality, today. Feeling...

subtle adjustments

Subtle Adjustments – Friday July 14

Subtle Adjustments: Regardless of your “sign” (which by the way we...

Cronus Trine Ouranos

When Old Meets New – Cronus Trine Ouranos 2017

The steady energetic theme for this year: When old meets new, Cronus trine...


Saturn Retrograde April 5 2017

Saturn is a slow burning, smoldering fire, in retrograde, from now through...

Grand Air Trine Inside Mystic Rectangle

My moon-sister messaged me this morning with a link to the ‘chart of the...

10th House


Capricorn Zodiac Sign