Ruled by Venus

Ruler of 2nd House

Element Earth

Modality Fixed

Orientation Personal

Polarity Feminine

Expression of Taurus

The second sign of the Zodiac moves us into the expression “to have”, or in other words to possess.

Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house, the house of material values, money, and possessions: what is of the most importance to us. There is always an underlying tone of Taurus in our attitude toward our values, how we go about keeping our values, our style and approach to earning money, as well as what types of material possessions that are of great significance in our lives.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, so with Taurus we’re about having femininity and beauty. We’re want to have and hold the pleasurable and we want to indulge. Taurus wants to eat the most exquisite foods, and drink the most flavorful drinks. Taurus likes to experience and own. Taurus wants to make it personal.

Taurus is of the element “Earth”. Taurus is slow moving, slow growing, and very grounded – rooted. With Taurus we bring focus to the physical self, it is about the body. Doing your Taurus can be phenomenal for self-care, and healing: essential oils, salt scrubs, nutrients. Think absorbing and nourishing.

Taurus is of a “Fixed” modality, or quadruplicity. Taurus can be stubborn – hence the “bull” symbolism. Taurus can be extremely hyperactive (mania), and on the other hand can operate with extreme malaise (depression). Striking a good balance between the two can be key for working a good Toro.

Just like Aries, Taurus is categorized as a “Personal” orientation. Therefore, intentions are still coming from a personal place. Stubbornness, passion, indulging, all of these things come from a core individual place. A Taurus person may express these needs through “Social” or “Universal” environments, but the intention always leads back to personal gain/loss.

Taurus Consultation

Do Your Taurus

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  • Taurus Music Playlist – coming soon!
  • Crystals: Jade, Pyrite
  • Aromatherapy: Ylang-ylang
  • Tarot: The Heirophant

Taurus Activities

Sleep, Clean, Cook, Indulge (exquisite foods, drinks), Spa, Bath (salts, oils, bubbles), Shop

Haute Taurus

Determined, Grounded, Equipped.

Low Taurus

Misplaced, Misguided, Lazy/Hyper – Extreme (on either end), Lacking Balance.