This Weekend is Illuminating – What’s Happening?

The Luminaries

This weekend features the luminaries in their 28 day cycle conjunction, for the New Moon at 0° of Leo. There are also some other aspects the Moon will be making that create a type of friction, tension, and unrest. This energy is best expressed by being flexible, open, curious, and playful. Use this energy to gain traction on ideas, plans, projects, tasks, that have been unable to gain momentum. The New Moon cycle is symbolic of new beginnings, and a kind of rebirth.

Moon square Jupiter

2:34am PST Saturday 7/22

This square involving our emotions, expansion, the sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon, and the sign of Libra ruled by Venus is going to create intensity around our relationships and how we feel about them. Be gentle, give yourself space, and see where it takes you. You may find that you have the capacity to speak volumes to the people you care about in all realms of relations, friendships, family, professional or romance. Expect that others may feel open to reciprocate.

Moon opposition Pluto

5:49am PST Saturday 7/22

With New Moons, we can reflect back on the most recent Full Moon. There is a certain ripeness and fulfillment to a Full Moon. The previous Full Moon in Capricorn was conjunct Pluto, and now we’re in opposition to Pluto. What sort of things in our lives were coming to fruition at the last Full Moon? What fulfillment did you (or didn’t you experience). Will your New Moon be a continuation or an “upgrade” of the last Moon Cycle? Will you light your path in a different direction this time?

Sun into Leo

8:16am PST Saturday 7/22

It’s now Solar Leo Season. Sun moves into Leo to join Mercury who is on his way out, and Mars who just arrived. The Sun is the natural ruler of Leo. Whether or not your natal Sun is in Leo, everyone will feel this solar emphasis in the area of their birth chart where Leo resides, and this area of your life will become center stage.

Moon square Uranus

11:05pm PST Saturday 7/22

The Moon squares off with Uranus, the planet energy representing rebirth/reform, merely hours before she moves into join the Sun for the new Moon early Sunday morning. Use Saturday night and Sunday morning to set intentions toward making change. Be honest with yourself about what could do with some alterations, sprucing up, or revision.

Moon conjunct Sun

2:46am PST Sunday 7/23

The Moon meets up with the Sun at 2:46am PST on Sunday morning. Take time Saturday, Sunday and Monday to yourself, to relax, regenerate and set intentions. Use the new moon to be mindful, yet gentle about the plans for the upcoming 2 weeks. Where would you like to see yourself in 2 weeks from now? Keep in mind the fiery Leo energy at play for the next month. How can you wield it to perhaps do things that you would not otherwise have the space or capacity to follow through with?

Moon conjunct Mars

4:41am PST Sunday 7/23

Shortly after the exact New Moon, she will conjunct Mars at 4:41am PST at 2° of Leo. Mars entered Leo on March 19th, rolling out the red carpet for the Sun and for the Moon. The perfect kind of royal treatment deserving of the beautiful luminaries. Moon-Mars will be inclined to make your inner desires manifest into reality. The fiery element of Leo will fuel this magic. Unleash your inner Lion and watch how things unfold.

the luminaries
The Luminaries Artwork By: Mermade Trove