1H – Character Creation

When we first venture out into the game the first step is to create our character. Similar to the Zodiac houses chart, we emerge into the world as our character. This character follows us throughout our journey and develops over time.

2H – Weapon, Class, Gear

The second phase is choosing our starting gear, class and weapon. We’ve created our character and now we decide what tools we will use in this new life.

3H – Interactive Tutorial

The third phase is the interactive tutorial or first world experience. Equipped with our personality, and our starting items we can now interact with the world! Explore the area in which we spawn, check out the room/environment. See what loot is lying around for us to get things going. Learn how to operate the controls, open doors, crouch, walk, run, pick up items, learn to equip items, and learn to talk to the people in your environment.

4H – Home Base “HQ”

The fourth phase is where we learn about our origin, where we came from or where we are at. Usually this space becomes our home base or headquarters to return to. These “home base” locations can change throughout the journey, but this is your starting HQ and your first experience with a private location to feel safe, a sanctuary of sorts to retreat to, to rest, regenerate and get prepared to venture back out into the open world.

5H – Specialty Practice

The fifth phase is where we discover that there is something special about our character. We get to choose a discipline to specialize in. Sometimes it’s an extension of our class we chose during phase 2, but other times it’s an entirely new level of specialization. Maybe we gain greater insights and abilities to our base class, or perhaps we discover abilities that are outside of that base class, and those become the focus for what makes you most special and powerful in this realm.

6H – Questing & Experience

The sixth phase is where we pick up all of our quests. Story quests yes, but also side quests – the mundane quests that help us get to know the locals, that help us gain their trust so that they can feel confident in our abilities. This phase can feel like a big grind, but it’s where we gain most of our experience. This is where we help others, and at the same time in turn it helps us become stronger and more powerful. This is the phase of daily repetitive quests, as well as new side quests that surface along the journey. There is no doubt you have a stack of these in your journal at all times.

7H – NPC’s

The seventh phase is NPC’s (non-playing characters). This is where we are introduced to key characters that are part of the overall story that you’re working to conquer in this game. Some characters you will bond with, others… not so much. Each of these characters have a special purpose toward your growth and advancement. Some have quests and others offer valuable information. This may even be the area where you find a love interest or a best friend. This is also the area where you discover your true enemy.

8H – Plot Twist

The eighth phase is the inevitable “plot twist”. This is where the dark side of the story is exposed. You’ve felt something looming all along but you needed to get through all the previous phases to get to this point. You learn something about who you are or about who your friends and enemies really are. You may experience an interactive scene or dialogue in this phase that is outside of the normal realm – perhaps through a dream.

9H – Long Journey

The ninth phase is the “Long Journey”. You’ve come out of your dream and discovery of reality, and now you must journey to find the truth of what all of this means and uncover answers to save your people, your friends, and what to do about your nemesis.

10H – Step up as Savior

The tenth phase is the time for you to “step up”. You know who you are, you’ve followed through with so many quests, you have gained strength, your specializations, your gear is now bolstered for the biggest challenge of all. The final boss. The people of the realm see you as the savior, you are their only hope for freedom.

11H – Final Boss Fight

The eleventh house is where you pick your party. You know you cannot travel this boss fight alone. You have met many people along the way – each with their own unique specializations and strengths. You form your party – so that between the entire group you are unstoppable. You each have a strength that holds the group together like glue.

12H – Immortality & Unification

The twelfth house is the ending credits. The unification of the people of the realm, and coming full circle from where you started. In the 12th house you can remain here basking in your glory, the celebration of the people now free and safe, you can create a new character and start all over again, or you could even choose new game plus, and upgrade your character to another level of difficulty and repeat the same story all over again.

Zodiac RPG Character
Artwork by: Mermade © 2017 Mermade Trove All rights reserved.