trine aspect

A trine aspect is a major aspect. It occurs when a [planet + planet] or [planet + chart point (house cusp, angle, etc.)], or multiple planets/points create a  120° angle to one another. Exact trines possess the same element of sign. An aspect is “exact” when it is right on the exact aspect degree, or within a 0° radius, or orb.

Major aspects are typically considered forming/fading within a 10° radius, or “orb”, for planets and house cusps, and 1-2° for minor aspects and relating to asteroids and fixed stars.

Natal Chart

Trines are considered in the natal chart, as a permanent positioning. An exchange between planets and points that plays out in the personality through our whole life.

Examples are:

Moon trine Mercury


Trines are also considered in transits, the currently shifting planets around their orbits and how they meet-up, or aspect/exchange mathematically within our natal planets. Transits activate or amplify our natal permanent aspects.

Examples are:

Saturn trine Uranus

Equilibrium Harmonic of 1/3

Trines are considered to be significant in that they create an exchange of equilibrium and harmony. Trines indicate an easy free flowing energy. Trines activate both the house (environment) and sign (expression) they are present within. The ease of conversation created by trines allow the two points (energy) involved two work together, inviting the strengths of both parties. Trines can be expressed both high and low. This energy can create a gain, loss, or simply maintain, whether you are intentional about it or not. As always, other aspects happening in the chart at any given moment can impact how a trine is expressed.