The Goddess of Beauty

Rules Taurus, Libra

Exalted Pisces

Detriment Scorpio, Aries

Fall Virgo


Venus Energy

Beautiful Venus, the Morning Star and the Evening Star, in one. Venus is the Goddess of love, beauty, relationships, aesthetics, refinements, harmony, and romance. Venus is the only (full-sized) planet attributed to a female Goddess. Venus is “material”. With Venus we want to make the world beautiful, and we see things as beautiful. If something does not look good (in our eyes), that means that there will be conflict with Venus and challenges. Venus is also our relationships and the conditions that they are in, both with friends, family, in business, and in love and romance.

Planets in aspect (exchange) to Venus both in our natal chart and in transit, have an impact on our Venus energy. If we have Venus in the 5th house, beautifying our creative world is an absolute must. If your 5th house Venus is in opposition to 11th house Saturn, you may struggle with the polarity of need for beauty vs. getting it just right. Venus reflects our style of relationships and general aesthetics, and where we most prefer our relationships to revolve around (environmentally). Your 5th house Venus wants relationships surrounding the creative world, purity, in your hobbies. Transiting Venus will activate the house it’s visiting. If Venus crosses into your 12th house, you are going to start getting transpersonal about beauty, it’s going to light up areas of your life that were previously hidden, that need dusting off and sprucing up. Whatever house it is, you will feel the need to get things into balance.

Venus rules the sign of Taurus, associated with the 2nd house – in the 2nd we learn we are material, and we want “to have” and to “hold” the physical things of the world. Venus also rules the sign of Libra, associated with the 7th house – an angular house that is generating and activating our area of others, relationships, partnerships, marriage and so forth. Venus is exalted in Pisces – this sign gives Venus strength and energy and its influence is considered to be of a good nature. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio and Aries – the sign(s) opposite of the sign(s) she rules (Taurus, Libra), and it is said to have a negative impact. Venus is in fall in Virgo – the sign opposite of its exaltation which can create problems and a lack of strength and power.  If Venus is in the sign of Virgo there will be connection struggles, merging the mind to the desires of the physical body.

Venus retrograde (while not as popular as the subject of Mercury Rx) is still a very important period, energetically. It’s beneficial to get prepared for Venus retrograde, and decide what it means to you, depending on where it is happening in your birth chart. It’s encouraged to use Venus retrograde as a time for assessing your core Venus values: rethinking, reevaluating, revisiting, and rewinding. Changing your hair style, getting elective or cosmetic surgery (body/dental), tattoos, or doing anything major relating to your appearance, or any major relationships changes are not advised. In other words we should never try to fix anything (related to our values) during Venus retrograde. Only if something is absolutely necessary in those areas, should one follow through.

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Venus Keywords

Love, Beauty, Harmony, Relationships, Partnerships, Others, Material, Values, Aesthetics.

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