Virgo Moon Release: Exact 18° Virgo 11:51 PM PST

Virgo Moon Release

Virgo Moon Release: With the Full Moon this past weekend, the entire week has had us illuminated. We are bursting at the seems with fulfillment! Finally, Saturday brings us the fourth quarter Moon. So, three quarters of the way through the Moon cycle.

Relax your head, your shoulders, your neck, your chest, your solar plexus, and your root. Close your eyes, and suspend yourself in the abandon of attachment.

I love when these major phase points happen on the weekend, because it gives a lot of us who work in 9-5 jobs the opportunity to really let go and immerse ourselves into the moment.

With Moon in an Earth Sign, we gain support to make this a full body experience. With Mercury retrograde, there’s alignment in the act of letting go and not trying to DO anything.

Overall, Sun in Sagittarius is about complete detachment. Sagi wants the chains and restrictions lifted. No ties, no chains, complete freedom. This first quarter Moon has such great potential for the relaxation that you have been needing, to get back into the swing of things.

At the same time, Mars moves into Scorpio ~ where he rules classically. Mars is more comfortable in Scorpio, so take this transit time to feel support from Mars, and more of an understanding, rather than a what some may sometimes feel as a grating irritation. There’s so much potential!!

If you’re curious about what Mars in Scorpio these next several weeks means for you, reach out to me for a consult!

virgo moon release
Virgo Moon Release By: Mermade