Virgo Vibe

Lets make my Virgo Rising/Moon happy and talk about Virgo Vibe. I am a 12H/1H double duty Virgo. I am Virgo behind the scenes and on stage. I feel that this is a strong point in my chart, and even trumps my natal Sagittarius Sun, and partially because that Sun is -in- the house of communication which is naturally ruled by Gemini/Mercury – my chart ruler.

While I love space and cleanliness and simplicity, it is still a challenge for me in life to always -have- that. With Pisces on my descendant, it could be that I crave that chaos so that it gives me something to do. Something to fix, something to analyze, something to pick apart. Something to organize!

I also have an “empty” Gemini MC, but I definitely feel like that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the stars for me there. I feel it’s the opposite. It’s just seemingly taken a longer time to really launch I think.

I can be too intellectual at times, overthinking everything. You can bet that everything I do or say, has been thought out and planned very articulately.