Ruled by Mercury (Possibly Hygeia)

Ruler of 6th House

Element Earth

Modality Mutable

Orientation Social

Polarity Feminine

Expression of Virgo

The sixth sign of the Zodiac is expressed as “to analyze” – Virgo, says we will analyze all of the things. Virgo is your advisor, the person you need on your team that has seen everything that is happening and then disperses with the data (numbers and analysis) – or as I like to call it their “Virgo-Vision”.

Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house of health and work. Virgo categorizes and labels your cabinets, medicine cabinets, refrigerator, drawers, office-work space, desk, and organizers. Virgo is your pill box. Virgo is your calendar, scheduler, and your reminders that pop up 15 minutes before your doctor visit/meeting/event, so that you can prepare for what lies ahead. Even if you have Pisces on the 6th house cusp, there will always be Virgo undertones to your 6th house expression. As well, wherever you have Virgo in your chart – you will be happiest when you can do your Virgo – neat and tidy.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, although I’ve read many sources that indicate a possibility of Virgo’s ruler more likely to be the asteroid Hygeia. Which also seems appropriate. With Mercury as the ruler of Virgo, there places a big importance on the communication that goes into planning for anything. Highly operating Virgo, prides itself in clarity, neatness, usability, amiability, and even professionalism, whether in a causal or business setting. Low Virgos are known for being snobby/bitchy, particular, and perfectionists to the point where they won’t be able to finalize anything because they get hung up on the little details. In other words, they can be fussy.

Virgo is of the “Mutable” modality. They are flexible and can work well in both team/social environments, and are also just as happy to work alone, in solitude. They can be easy going and are very adaptable, and come up with really great solutions – out side of the box thinking, when the situation calls for it. They are critical thinkers, and being mutable and flexible lends itself to coming up with interesting ways of doing things.

Virgo is the second sign of the “Social” orientation. Virgo’s are, by nature, helpers. They want to help people. Alternative to Leo, who want to stand in the limelight, Virgo’s enjoy helping people from behind the scenes. A good example is when you go to a social gathering, conference, seminar, party, etc. and are able to just sit around and have a good time and absorb the moment, that is because you know that a Virgo put a lot of work in (a head of time) to make sure that everything went off with a bang: planning schedule, cost/budget, invites/social media, the food, entertainment, music, lights, and even orchestrating the décor.

Virgo Consultation

Do Your Virgo

Virgo Activities

Organize, Declutter, Schedule, Plan, Devise, Spreadsheets, Documents, Journals, Emailing, Structuring, Process, Procedure

Haute Virgo

Clear, Organized, Neat, Amiable, Professional, Helpful, Constructive, Reliable, Visionary.

Low Virgo

Bitchy, Too perfectionist/particular, Fussy, Overly Critical, Isolated.