We are More than our Sun Sign

We are more than just our Sun sign. We are every sign. We just express each of them in different areas or environments of our lives.

How often are we asked:

“What’s your sign?”

It’s become a common understanding that what is really being asked is “What is your Sun sign”. It diminishes the rest of the birth chart. Our Sun sign is surely a powerful and important area of our birth charts, but it never will tell the whole story.

  • Sun sign = your outer world style
  • Moon sign = your inner world style
  • Mercury sign = your communication style
  • Venus sign= your beauty and balance style
  • Mars sign = your action style
  • Jupiter sign = your fortune, luck, and expansion style
  • Saturn sign = your discipline and order style
  • Uranus sign = your unexpected and reform style
  • Neptune sign = your dreaming and idealistic style
  • Pluto sign = your change, adjustment style
  • Chiron sign = your healing and support style

These are just the basics but give you an overall view of everything you’re missing out on when you narrowly focus only on a persons Sun sign, it is literally just skimming the surface – their “outer world”.

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